A Look Back

I’m going to go back before I go ahead.  Let’s look at the most important parts of the last few posts and how it all relates to Somatic Experiencing and mindfulness.

I  love having a feeling for the flow between the body, nervous system and brain.  I love understanding  how  change on one level can  effect so many other systems.  It’s this flow that is often obstructed by, for example,  fear and anxiety.  This is true for all of us; musicians, artists, singers and lay people.

The fear antenna is in the amygdala; depending on our history of trauma it may always on alert or, for a system that has no trauma,  only activated when it senses possible danger.  Somatic Experiencing (SE) teaches us that trauma is what has been locked in the nervous system, unable to escape.  Even though we may be not consciously aware of this dynamic, it impacts every part of our life until resolved.  It is in this body that the amygdala is vigilant.

Tuning into the sensations of the body is the start of breaking the fear cycle; please read past posts on this.