Who is Marcia Lesser

The way a musician, singer or actor uses his/her body in performance is a direct reflection of the way they use their body in everyday life. When pain or discomfort is experienced, it is frequently a function of their daily, unconscious movements. Often breathing patterns, gait and posture indicate tensions held in the body; this is not only mirrored in technique but may obstruct flow, depth and creativity.

pianoMarcia Lesser’s approach offers whole body consciousness, a requisite for releasing tension in the body by bringing physical and mental awareness to these patterns. A typical pattern may be tightness in the legs and lower back which adversely affect the mobility of the neck, in turn limiting arm and shoulder movements. Ms. Lesser provides the key to whole body consciousness through her Body As Instrument Technique, derived from her experience as a dancer, her work as a movement therapist and psychotherapist, her vast knowledge of movement and psychodynamic techniques and her innate understanding of how the body moves. In the last few years she has folded neurobiology and Somatic Experiencing into her work, greatly enhancing her ability to help her clients reach mind/body integration. (www.marcialesser.com)

She has had a private practice in New York City for over twenty-five years, is a guest lecturer at The Juilliard Pre-College Division and a member of the faculty at The Steinhardt School for Performing Art Professions at New York University since 2012. Many of Ms. Lesser’s clients – students, teachers and performers – present body mind issues, including chronic pain, stress and performance anxiety. Ms. Lesser also works with performers who are not in pain but feel disconnected to their bodies.

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