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As I mentioned in an earlier post, the brain is divided into two hemispheres-right and left.  Although  there are two amygdalae, two hippocampi and two temporal lobes, the way they process information is quite different.

The left hemisphere likes things to make sense; two plus two never equals three.  Language, logic, and linearity are its hallmarks.  It explains the input from the right hemisphere and puts it into neat packages.

The right side is nonlinear, receptive to everything that comes its way.  It perceives and processes spatial and visual information such as nonverbal signals.  Our mental model of the self and the way we relate to the world is formed on this side;  the way we feel ourselves, our story, our relationship to our body and the way we relate to others.

Fight, flight and freeze (please see earlier post) is experienced on the right side. When the two sides are integrated, the right hemisphere provides the felt context for the left side to make sense of; the information flows.