“Before working with you I never really gave any thought to how my body was responding to my instrument or visa versa. I never realized that how I held my posture or the way I distributed weight on my feet actually affected the sound that came out of my instrument. Before I began my sessions with you, practicing was all about getting each note right, making things technically perfect. The efficientcy of my playing wasn’t ever a main concern….I started to realize that maybe the physical aspect of my playing is directly connected to my playing. By working on unlocking my knees, I was able to stand up so that I was more balanced. This way, the top portion of my body was more connected to my legs and feet. By becoming more balanced and grounded on my two feet, I was much more secure as I was playing. My sound was becoming more crisp, clear, with more of a core….now when I’m not happy with my sound, I check to make sure my feet and legs are grounded. Before I started work with you, I would have probably played through any kind of pain in my neck, shoulders or back. Now, whenever I feel some kind of tension or discomfort, I stop, take time to analyze what I’m doing and try to find the source of tension.”

M.L.K, 18 years old The Juilliard School