Who is Marcia Lesser

The way a singer, actor or musician uses her body in performance is a direct reflection of the way the body is used in everyday life. These daily movement patterns are coordinated by either flow or obstruction in the  Autonomic Nervous System, which is constantly responding and reacting to our inner and outer sense of safety. When disengagement, discomfort or pain are chronic, it is often a result of these unconscious, habituated movements. Often breathing and movement patterns indicate blocks in mental and physical energy that obstruct flow, depth, creative expression, and engagement.

Marcia Lesser’s approach offers whole body/mind consciousness, a requisite for identifying, processing, and releasing imbalance in the nervous system. She provides the key to unlocking bound energy through her Body As Instrument Technique, derived from her experience as a dancer, her work as a movement therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and Somatic Psychotherapist, her use of psychodynamic techniques, and her passion for neuroscience.

pianoShe has had a private practice in New York City for over 30 years; was a guest lecturer at The Juilliard School Pre-College for four years; and has been on the faculty of Steinhardt School for the Performing Arts Professions at New York University since 2012. She has presented her well known interactive workshops locally and internationally, including Grad Acting at Tisch; Lucid Body; and Musical Theatre Educator’s Alliance in Oslo, Norway.

Marcia’s clients-students, teachers, and performers-present with body/mind issues, including performance/life anxiety, feeling of disconnection, and chronic stress or pain.

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