Continued grounding

I’m going to pick up where I left off.

Maybe you’ve allowed yourself to experience a part of your body settled into your chair, maybe you’ve focused on the sensation of your feet on the ground.  Maybe you’ve been able to stay with this, tracking the sensation.  Perhaps you felt the back of your thighs resting as they are supported by the chair. You might have, with time and mindfulness, felt the sensation moving down you legs or to the front of your thighs. I bet you felt relaxed as you did this- good! This is your ‘ground’, your resource.  Remember it.  When you are activated and it feels like too much, you can come back to this safe place.

Ideally, the autonomic nervous system flows in waves of activation(sympathetic branch) and relaxation (parasympathetic.)

Now, read this and then move your chair away and try it.  Find your ground again; it may be the same or different-let your body lead you there.  Now, see if you can find some activation in your body or head.  Maybe you notice your jaw is tight, maybe your fingers are clenched, maybe you feel something going on in your chest.  Try to stay with it-if you’re comfortable, track it for a few minutes.  Remember, DO NOT DO ANYTHING THAT FEELS WEIRD OR PAINFUL OR TOO MUCH.  Now return to your ground.

This is a wave, a flow from the parasympathetic to the sympathetic, back down to the sympathetic.  Good for you!