Somatic Experiencing-1

In the last few years I have become very interested in learning about the autonomic nervous system and its role in the healthy (or not) functioning of the body and psyche.  As a result, I am now completing my first year of a three year professional training program in Somatic Experiencing (SE).  This brilliant model was developed by Peter Levine, specifically designed to heal trauma by restoring regulation to the autonomic nervous system.

Trauma is defined as something that has effected this system, not by the content.  So what may be a trauma to your friend may be a difficult experience to you, one you can shake off, that does not impact your nervous system.

I have begun to use SE with musicians and actors who have severe stage fright and find every performance traumatic.  I am witnessing changes already, evidenced by reduced fear. I am also finding it very helpful in working with performers who have excellent technique but feel removed from the music, unable to express their musical voice.