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More on grounding

Maybe you’ve been bringing more awareness to your feet this week; if so, good for you!  Now let’s add to what I posted last time.

As you sit in your chair at your computer, read this and then move your chair away for a bit and try it.  To bring mindfulness to your actions, you must take the time.

Begin by noticing your feet-how do they feel, what sensations are you aware of when you focus?  Maybe you feel them firmly on the ground, maybe not.  It’s just important to notice.  Now let your attention wander to the rest of your body.  What feels settled, resting comfortably in the chair?  Maybe the back of your legs, maybe your arms or hands, maybe your butt.  Just notice.

When you’ve found what feels most settled, stay there and breathe.  Allow your attention to go where the grounded feeling is and just breathe as you notice.  Maybe you’ve selected your arms; as you focus you may notice the feeling in your arms is spreading to your fingers, maybe into your shoulders.  Let it move-your job is to simply follow.