Your feet

I’ve written a number of posts around the subject of feet; so important to so many aspects of life but often only noticed when they ache.

Try today to bring consciousness to your feet-not judgement but awareness.  What are they doing as you sit at your computer?  I just noticed mine were perched on my toes and decided to put the whole foot on the ground.  Sometimes, depending on your chair, this isn’t possible but right now just notice.

As you walk down the street, notice.  Are you more on your toes?  Heels?  Do your feet roll outwards, inwards?

If you’re a musician, and you play seated, bring your awareness to your feet before you start to play and during.  Are you grounded-do you feel your feet firmly in the ground?  When you’re playing a difficult passage, do your feet lift off a bit or stay the same?

If you play while standing, you can also notice your feet; it’s the beginning of whole body and mind consciousness.

Notice your feet while you’re eating, reading-whatever!  Just begin to take in, physically and mentally, that your feet are there and they can support you, are meant to support you.