Somatic Experiencing-5

I am going to be a guest instructor at a performance class at NYU(New York University) next week so I thought I’d write about some of the things I’ve been thinking. This is a continuation of what I’ve written previously so you might want to back up and read my posts on Somatic Experiencing(SE) if you’re new to my blog.

Sitting comfortably, sensing into  your back in the chair, your feet on the floor, let yourself wonder about what you’re doing when you feel most yourself-let it come to you, wait for it to appear.  Stay with it, let it expand as you sense it in your body.  Let this felt sense grow; not thinking but allowing yourself to listen to the sensations that grow in your body.

Feel how this place, whatever it is, affects your inner body. Maybe you feel an internal warmth growing, maybe you feel more settled in the chair-let it grow.  You are now in your reptilian brain(brain stem), a place of instinct.  A place that can lead you to clarity, instinctual power and fluidity-what an important place for a performer to be able to inhabit.  Enjoy!