More on NYU

Thank you again for your comments; I do appreciate them.

My time at NYU was just great; a wonderful group of aspiring-and clearly very talented-actors/singers.  This was a performance class and their teacher works with them on bodily expression; this was good to see.

My model of whole body consciousness mixed with  Somatic Experiencing and neurobiology works as well with actors as it does with musicians.  Here’s why:

1. No matter how you express yourself artistically, turning inward to find your unique voice is crucial.  Somatic Experiencing (SE) is based on tuning into the sensations of your inner body (felt sense). This is where-I believe-the artistic soul is, where you’ll find your essence.

2. Again, no matter how you express yourself, it must be done with the whole body.  If you are standing playing the violin, if you are singing, if you are sitting playing the piano or acting, you must know where your feet are.  Literally. And your legs, pelvis and on up.  Every bit of you.

3. The way you use your body in everyday life is reflected in the way you perform; if you don’t move your arms from their connection to the shoulder blade and from your back, for example, you won’t have the power you need to express yourself.  An arm not connected can not express feeling strongly and genuinely. If you are not grounded as you walk down the street, you won’t be grounded on stage.