I haven’t had the time to sit down and write for a few weeks-so good to be back!

Thought I’d share the resources I gave to the parents and students after my presentation at Juilliard Pre-College; they are all very, very helpful.

1. WALKING MEDITATION-Many musicians have no sense of their feet and legs and don’t realize how crucial this connection is to their well being and to their sound-

Walk 12 paces (can be less) slowly across the room with your eyes closed, if possible. Return. Focus all your attention on the soles of the feet or lower legs.  When the mind wanders, refocus on your feet.  Set a timer, as in sitting meditation, start with 5 minutes, work up to 20, walking back and forth. IMPORTANT-your mind will wander, of course,  take that as a given.  This is not like practicing music where you are striving for perfection.  Only strive to be present for these few minutes, gently quieting your mind when necessary

2.BREATHING-The New Science Of Breath,

I highly recommend this CD; I use it all the time.  It is engineered to modulate the autonomic nervous system and it does.

3. Neuroplasticity-The Mindful Brain, Daniel Siegal

I love everything this incredible scientist, psychiatrist, therapist has written.  His books give me hope, wonder and a desire for more.