Somatic Experiencing-2

As previously stated, the Autonomic Nervous System(ANS) regulates all the basic body functions.  It is comprised of the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches.  They control opposite physical and emotional states; in a way they are like opposite sides of the same coin.

The parasympathetic system(PNS):

  1.  stimulates flow of saliva
  2. slows the heartbeat
  3. stimulates peristalsis(wave-like muscle contractions that move food to digestive tract) & secretion
  4. stimulates release of bile
  5. contracts the bladder

Sympathetic system(SNS):

  1. inhibits flow of saliva
  2. accelerates heartbeat
  3. inhibits peristalsis & secretion
  4. conversion of glycogen to glucose
  5. secretion of adrenaline
  6. inhibits bladder contraction

The PNS helps us to relax-regenerate and let go after stress.  The SNS readies us for action; it regulates arousal. In a healthy, regulated system, there is a flow between the two branches, called a pendulation in SE.  The body is relaxed, yet alert.