Somatic Experiencing-6

Let’s go back to experiencing the sensations of the body; the ‘felt sense’. We need quiet for this so find a place and get comfortable.  Notice your body, where you feel settled, comfortable. Now, as discussed previously, do a body scan starting from your feet, going up to your head.  Notice active areas, quiet areas.

Imagine being with a person you feel safe with; notice your full body, notice body temperature, find any arousal (activation), notice your comfort, your breath.

Now imagine being with someone you don’t like, someone with whom you do not feel comfortable and do the body scan again. What do you notice now-probably parts of your body are activated, probably your breathing and comfort level has changed,

Now go back to the first image, the one of comfort and safety.  Notice changes again.

You have now completed an SE (Somatic Experiencing) pendulation; you’ve gone from the Parasympathetic  branch of the Autonomic Nervous System(ANS), up to the Sympathetic branch, and back down to the Parasympathetic.

More next time on how to use this in your daily life.