Thank You!

Many people have been reading my posts and commenting; I appreciate the time taken to reply and warmly thank those who regularly follow my blog.

Some more about mindfulness and the brain.  I teach my clients it’s never too late to stimulate the growth of neural fibers that enable mindfulness to grow. Mindfulness training effects the prefrontal region of the brain, the area that is crucially important to the performer for it coordinates regulation of heart rate, respiration and gives us the ability to sooth ourselves when afraid.

When stressed the body releases cortisol, putting one’s entire metabolism on high alert to meet the challenge.  This impacts blood flow; as blood moves away from the high cognitive center, more mistakes are made and processing information becomes more difficult.

It might be a good idea now-if you have the time-to go back to the last few posts and try the mindfulness exercises.  The time spent is well worth it and will benefit you in countless ways.