I hope you were able to spend time bringing your awareness to your inner and outer body.  It’s important to remember that mindfulness includes the inner body, not just the strength and flexibility of your muscles.  So what does this mean?

As I type, I am aware of the muscles in my arms contracting; I notice some familiar discomfort in my neck and I feel  my feet on the ground.  If I give myself more time, I become aware of my breathing; it feels a little shallow.  If I like, I can wonder about that.  This awareness leads me to the slight drawing in of my shoulders-it seems to go along with the restricted breathing.

Now I have an image of myself sitting here-an inner image; no one looking at me would notice these inner workings. If I choose, I can stay with this image; I can amplify it.  What other sensations do I feel in my body as I stay with this image?  Do they feel activating or relaxing?  Is there affect connected to it?  If there is, how does this effect my body?

I hope you find the time and inclination to sit with yourself in this way.  Let me know how it is for you.