The Next Step

I’ve returned from my SE training and although I’m quite tired-four very long, very intense days-I am thrilled!  I learned a lot, had meaningful experiences and thoroughly enjoyed the group of 32 practitioners.  I will be weaving in what I learned as I assimilate it.

Let’s pick up from last week; if you are new to this blog, it might be a good idea to read from the beginning or at least from the last few posts.

So you’ve been practicing sitting in a chair and being present to your activation and to your relaxation.  You’ve tried to simply follow the sensations in your body by bringing awareness to them.  This is good-let’s take the next step.

Let’s now try to apply this to your instrument, to your singing or to your acting.  To simplify, I will write in terms of a string instrument; apply it to your own situation.

Before you pick up your violin, just stand and notice.  Start with your head and slowly go down to your feet.  Notice where there’s activation-maybe you feel stirrings in your chest, maybe a heaviness in your neck.  Notice where there’s comfort or grounding(a little more difficult when standing.) It’s good to focus on your feet here-feel them on the ground.

Now pick up your instrument-if you previously felt a heaviness in your neck, as you play something easy-a scale is preferable-does it increase? Do your feet stay planted?  Again just notice and remember-being truly present while you perform requires embodiment; a sense of your self, your body, your mind.