More Thoughts On Performing

It’s so clear to me that technique, although very important, is not the whole picture.  Whether a musician; actor or singer, connection to one’s body is crucial.  And not just to the outer body; the sensations of the inner body lead the performer to genuine connection first to oneself and then to the audience.

I often think of two well known violinists who are brothers.  They often perform together and are widely admired for their spectacular technique.  One brother is also admired for the feeling he pours into his playing, for the soul that shines through. He draws people to him; to my ear there is a world of difference between them.

I know both musicians and was pleased to count  one of them as a client for a few years. His body mind connection is evident in everything he does and he brings this to his music.  He can engage his body from the inside and let it lead his playing. His unique creative voice is evident and brings to his audience much joy.